Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunity in Jacksonville, FL

Get premium exposure to over 400,000 of our customers seven days a week at a fraction of the cost of other media, print, and traditional billboard advertising. In addition to the physical display, we anticipate many more viewers will visit you through your link on our website.

Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex is the only ice skating facility, only 5 indoor basketball court and 9,000 sq ft indoor soccer field in Northeast Florida. It is home to many hockey teams including the University of Florida and over 15 adult & youth divisions, National figure skaters, basketball leagues, BASL Soccer Leagues and Volleyball Leagues.

Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex has an 85’ x 200’ NHL-sized ice rink and a viewing area with seating capacity of 500. In addition, it is home to a 55,000 sf Sportsplex that includes indoor basketball/volleyball courts and indoor soccer, lacrosse, and football turf.

  • Jacksonville Ice & Sportsplex averages 400,000 customers annually.
  • Based on the demographics of ice hockey and figure skating families, ice arenas attracts guests with high levels of discretionary income.
  • Our customers are in front of your ad for longer periods of time—our average customers spend between one and three hours in the facility during each visit and tend to visit more than once a week.
  • Cost-effective advertising with maximum exposure.
  • Promote your brand or services to both adult and youth clientele. Our customers include highly educated, sports oriented clientele as well as many young, teen and family customers.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to organized youth and adult sports.
  • Associate your business with a trend-setting recreation facility.

For complete advertising literature including prices, partners, and contract (pdf) please CLICK HERE.

For more information call: (904) 399-3223 ext 5

Zamboni Package

One of the most popular events at the rink is watching the Zamboni resurface the ice! Your company logo, colors, and advertising can be part of this truly unique experience. Your package includes:

  • Naming rights to our Zamboni ice resurfacing machine with your company name and/or logo on sides, front, and top of the Zamboni.
  • Advertising link from our website to yours.
  • 10 Public Session and Skate Rental Passes.

Cost: $2,500 for 12-month contract

Dasher Board/Banner Package

Dasher boards are the special advertising panels that you see surrounding all NHL arenas. These 3’ X 8’ panels are a prime way to create positive advertising impressions to a wide spectrum of ice skaters, hockey players, and spectators alike. With more than 400,000 customers annually, your dasher board will be ensured maximum exposure and captured on images taken during events. Your package includes:

  • 3’ X 8’ vinyl legend board sign covered by a plastic protective shield or
  • 3’ X 8’ vinyl banner ad to be hung in the Sportsplex
  • Advertising link from our website to yours.

Cost: $1500 for 12-month contract

Deluxe Package

  • 3’ X 8’ vinyl legend board sign covered by a plastic protective shield.
  • Advertising link from our website to yours.
  • Company banner in Sportsplex.
  • In-house Multimedia advertisement—24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Business card size ad in each show program, tournament program, and newsletter.
  • 25 Public Session and Skate Rental Passes.

Cost: $1200 for 12-month contract